Hyphe launches Clear-Calculus: a fair pricing system for digital assets


Amsterdam, June 7, 2022 - Hyphe, the Amsterdam-based digital asset liquidity provider for financial institutions, today introduces Clear-Calculus, a proprietary price discovery mechanism that determines the fair market price for more than thirty digital currencies.

The announcement was made by Dolf Diederichsen, CEO of Hyphe, live at Money2020: “The overall market for digital assets is fragmented. Different trading venues tend to form isolated pricing islands. For institutional clients integrated with these venues it can be hard to understand the true price in the market. Clear-Calculus fixes that problem.”

How it works:

Clear-Calculus continuously measures a range of price signals from various trading venues. Each signal is weighted, taking into account the differing order book depth. Using this data, Clear-Calculus determines the singular fair price for each asset, 24/7. This forms the basis of Hyphe’s live price stream, with buy and sell prices separated by just a tick-size spread.

The result for clients is easy access to the fair market price and deep liquidity.

Dolf Diederichsen concludes: “Hyphe was founded to increase access to financial markets. Trading fair is fundamental. Institutions can now access digital assets much more easily than in the past, but the pricing isn’t necessarily fair, masking hidden transaction costs and other inefficiencies. Using Clear-Calculus means the starting point is fair, which is what institutions need to build their own customer pricing models.”

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