Connect your customers to digital currency trading with the Prime-Access API

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Prime-Access is built for financial institutions, with a flexible API, seamless settlement and banking-grade protocols. Manage your order flow, enjoy price improvement versus exchange, superior execution and high fulfilment rates.

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API Endpoints


Receive a stream of competitive bid/ask prices for a range of digital currencies.


Issue an RFQ against a specified quantity of digital currency.


Place a buy or sell order based on the quote response.

From trending to trading - get up and running fast

Depending on requirements, your institution could be connected to digital currency trading in days.

Prime-Access API Fastest to integrate

3+ Days

Prime-Access Custom API For tailored integration

2+ Weeks

How to integrate

Popular assets to drive volume

At Hyphe we’re certain the best way to help increase market participation is to offer focussed products, satisfying the largest number of customers in the shortest time. For this reason Hyphe trades the most popular digital currencies - 63 in total - settled in Euro.

Tight spreads & low fees

To make trading accessible must also mean making it affordable. By operating our own principal liquidity pool, trading off-exchange, Hyphe is able to offer clients consistently tight bid/ask spreads on various digital currencies. Hyphe combines this price improvement with low fees.

Freedom to choose a custodian

Hyphe doesn’t offer custody because we believe combining tradable funds with funds in custody creates unnecessary risk. Instead we lend clients our experience to help them select a suitable partner. Cost-efficient, trustworthy custody is a crucial element of successful institutional trading.

Choosing the right custody partner

Define requirements

We can help you identify the regulatory standard in your territory and specific business needs of your institution.

Seek and evaluate

Leverage Hyphe’s experience to shortlist custodians based on product features, onboarding flow, settlement efficiency, and operating cost.


Onboard your chosen custody partner and we’ll work closely with them to help integrate trading, settlement, reconciliation and reporting.

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How to integrate
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How we stream prices

Getting into the details

We’ve been busy making digital currency more accessible since 2013, and have gathered plenty of insight along the way. If your question remains unanswered, we’re always happy to help.

  • What is a digital asset liquidity provider?

    As a digital asset liquidity provider we enable financial institutions, such as banks and brokers, to trade digital assets (i.e. cryptocurrency) whenever they want. This in turn enables them to offer trading to their customers, whenever they want. We’re able to do this through a combination of trading and technology. We trade directly with our clients, offering an easy and affordable alternative to digital currency exchanges. This way they can avoid having to prefund accounts on-exchange and the associated fees and risk. The trading part is enabled by our proprietary software (API). The API opens access to a deep pool of digital asset liquidity, so we can always offer competitive bid/ask prices on a range of assets, regardless of market movement.

  • Can we provide digital currency custody ourselves as an institution?

    Yes. Provided you meet the necessary regulatory standard in your location. In the Netherlands this would mean registration with DNB as a ‘Cryptocurrency Service Provider’.

  • Does significant volatility in the price of digital currency pose additional risk?

    In short, no. Hyphe avoids impact from market movement, however severe, because we constantly hedge our trades. Acting as the sole counterparty, we're able to share the benefit of superior execution with our clients.

  • Can Hyphe easily manage sudden increases in digital currency trading volume?

    Hyphe’s principal liquidity pool is sufficiently deep to handle sudden and drastic fluctuations in both price and volume.

  • Is there a cap on new customers?

    No. Hyphe exists to help drive growth in market participation, so we’re very pleased to see new clients engage new customers and scale their trading platforms.