Our purpose

Above all we’re working to increase access to financial markets. Helping extend the hand of welcome to many more traders. We’re also happy to see the profile of a ‘trader’ start to resemble, well, everyone really.

Right now, the spotlight is on digital currency. More and more people are enjoying their first exposure to trading via digital assets. It just so happens to be an asset class close to our hearts, a technology we adopted early. So naturally we’re focussed on helping banks and retail trading platforms meet the demand.

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2013: our first customer transaction

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Our service

Hyphe is both a market maker on digital currency exchanges and a liquidity provider to financial institutions off-exchange. Creating our own principal liquidity we're able to quote competitive bid/ask prices to clients on request, and act as the sole counterparty for every off-exchange trade we make.

Our values

Whatever the current mission might be, we never lose sight of three fundamentals.

We’re certain that the best way to help drive market access is to offer focussed products, satisfying the largest number of people in the fastest time. This is certainly true of our trading API, Prime-Access.

See Prime-Access

We go straight to the source of potential volume and use our institutional knowhow to help unlock access for large numbers of end-users. The process of connecting banks and brokers to Hyphe is called Fluid-Integration.

See Fluid-Integration

Accessible must equal affordable. Likewise, ongoing service and support should always be easy-access. Together that’s how we ensure long term client value. Hyphe offers a six-point guarantee.

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Our core team

Dolf Diederichsen

Dolf Diederichsen

Co-Founder & CEO

Formerly at Boston Consulting Group in Germany and Japan. Early adopter of digital currency. Co-founder of retail broker, B4C Markets.

Chris Demetrius

Chris Demetrius

Co-Founder & CFO

Formerly at PwC in the Netherlands and Australia, with extensive experience advising financial services clients. Co-founder of retail broker, B4C Markets.

Timur Bakeev

Timur Bakeev

Head of Trading

Formerly at UBS, Deutsche Bank and DRW in London, with 20 years experience in Market-Making and Quantitative Trading.

Jürgen Kudszus

Jürgen Kudszus

Legal Counsel

Formerly Principal at CAWECO, COO at Bank Vontobel Europe and Senior Compliance Officer at WestLB, with 20 years regulatory banking experience.

Alex Bewier

Alex Bewier

Head of Compliance

Compliance Officer and Risk Management specialist with 20 years experience in banks and fintechs.

Sergey Snozyk

Sergey Snozyk

Lead Developer

Senior full stack developer with extensive international experience in financial software products over the course of a decade.

Every day, Hyphe’s liquidity pool is helping European banks and brokers welcome more and more people into the market at the lowest possible cost - that’s what excites us.

Dolf Diederichsen CEO, Hyphe


If you want to help increase access to financial markets then think about joining our growing team.

Company information

Regulated by DNB

Hyphe™ is a registered trademark of B4C Markets BV. B4C Markets BV is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) as a cryptocurrency service provider with registration number: R179444. DNB supervises B4C Markets’ compliance with the Dutch Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act and the Sanctions Act 1977. B4C Markets is not subject to prudential supervision or conduct supervision. This means that there are no financial requirements, that business risks are not monitored, and there is no consumer protection. Hyphe remains committed to active involvement in the latest regulatory developments.