Discover the fair market price with Clear-Calculus

Made to measure

Clear-Calculus measures price signals and market depth, then uses a unique formula to determine the fair price for assets.


Quantify and qualify price signals from a variety of sources.


Access prices that reflect the wider market for each asset.

More transparent

Understand exactly how prices are generated and remove hidden costs.

Price signals
Price signals
The overall market for digital assets is made up of many different trading venues, each with a fluctuating order book. It’s noisy and disconnected.
Clear-Calculus Clear-Calculus
Our proprietary price discovery mechanism uses a wide range of weighted price signals to generate a singular, fair market price for each digital asset.

Live spread

Live price stream
The fair price generated by Clear-Calculus is separated by a tick, creating Buy and Sell prices with a negligible spread, 24/7.
Client layer
Client layer Client layer
Buy and Sell prices streamed via the Prime-Access API form the basis for the client’s own customer pricing model.
Customer trades
Customer trades
A fair price with practically no spread underpins successful trading for every type of institutional client and their end customer.

Trading fair

At Hyphe, we believe increasing access to new markets takes more than just an easy-to-use platform. Understanding the fair price for assets means financial institutions - from retail banks and brokers, to asset managers and algo traders - can determine the right price for their own customers.

Best Execution standards

Clear-Calculus helps us deliver transparent pricing. It’s one of a number of client commitments outlined in our 
Best Execution Policy, including reliable depth, and super-fast speed.

Transform your customer pricing

Let’s discuss the benefit of fairer prices for your trading platform.

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How it works


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Getting into the details

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  • How can Hyphe offer better price discovery than a large cryptocurrency exchange?

    Cryptocurrency exchanges, however large, are independent from one another, so price discovery is limited to the number of participants on that exchange. In contrast, Hyphe is integrated with a range of trading venues, and uses a proprietary price discovery mechanism - Clear-Calculus - to measure the price signals and market depth available more broadly. Therefore Hyphe can provide price discovery that's more accurately reflective of the wider market for any digital asset traded on its platform.

  • Does Hyphe route client order flow towards the best prices?

    No, Hyphe is not an order flow router or routing platform. We trade directly with our clients as the sole counterparty. Hyphe is able to offer superior pricing not because we route orders, but because our price discovery system, Clear-Calculus, determines the fair price for assets, 24/7.

  • Does Hyphe adhere to any Best Execution standards?

    Yes, Hyphe has a detailed Best Execution Policy, available on request. This policy outlines how we obtain the best possible outcome for clients when executing orders.

  • How does Hyphe counteract slippage?

    Slippage occurs when a trading venue, such as a cryptocurrency exchange, has limited depth, making it harder to maintain prices as the order size increases. By trading independently from exchanges, and operating a deep pool of proprietary liquidity, Hyphe is able to maintain superior prices even at higher volumes. Hyphe trades with limited slippage.