Efficient execution and no unnecessary obligations with the Hyphe-Guarantee

Start trading without barriers, stop trading whenever you like.

At Hyphe we understand the customer expectation for low-cost digital currency trading, and how to integrate efficiently. But also what it takes to build and sustain trusted trading relationships with our clients.

Price improvement

Hyphe’s proprietary liquidity pool ensures a tight bid/ask spread and low fees.

Superior execution

Hyphe executes orders efficiently off-exchange, ensuring value even as trading volume increases.

Reliable under stress

Hyphe’s deep liquidity and nimble operation ensures clients trade without disruption even when markets are severely stressed.

No minimum monthly volume

Hyphe helps clients hit their trading target, but doesn’t penalise those who don’t.

No exclusivity contracts

Hyphe happily provides liquidity to clients with or without an existing provider.

No future commitments

Hyphe’s clients are free to walk away at any point. (It hasn’t happened yet).

Hyphe Support

We understand that accessible trading also requires accessible support.

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Who we are

Hyphe has been active in digital currency since 2013, both on- and off-exchange. We were quick to see the potential of this new asset class in driving market participation, and continue to welcome more traders all the time.

What makes us tick

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How it works
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Read on for more detail about the process of setting up trading.

How to integrate

Getting into the details

We’ve been busy making digital currency more accessible since 2013, and have gathered plenty of insight along the way. If your question remains unanswered, we’re always happy to help.

  • How do you ensure low prices on digital currency trading?

    Hyphe is able to tighten bid/ask spreads further because we operate our own principal liquidity pool. We’re free to set prices at the lowest rates possible in order to stay super competitive.

  • What are the sources of Hyphe’s proprietary liquidity pool?

    Hyphe’s principal digital currency liquidity draws depth from all our trading activity, on- and off-exchange. It includes market-making, OTC trades, hedging, volume efficiencies and capital.

  • Are there any restrictions at all on digital currency trading activity?

    Hyphe is committed to providing a low-friction cryptocurrency trading solution for financial institutions. The basic trading contract covers processes and protocols, including a negotiable agreement on how fees are charged, but no obligations to future trading activity, volume, prices or amount of fees. We prefer to retain clients by continuing to provide great value and service.

  • If an institution already has a digital asset liquidity provider, what’s the benefit of adding Hyphe?

    Hyphe is happy to partner with clients as an additional liquidity provider. We’re convinced we deliver superior prices and performance, therefore welcome the opportunity to compete. Plus, we may be able to help introduce new digital assets into the trading inventory for your customers.